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The land in which Ronou & co. resides is a large and diverse one. There're many things you should know about it!
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The planet, named Aret in Selarden, is pretty much the same as Earth in these respects: same gravity, same air, same passage of time, etc. so on. There are four Great Seas and three Great Oceans, and the continent on which Ronou resides, Seldra, is in the middle of Osha, the largest of the three oceans. There are 12 major continents (Seldra, Subrio, Madeus, Aldea, Atlas, Barud, Kanrya, Rhudain, Nivea, Pruj, Purofrie, Soutfrie), and Seldra is the smallest. Seldra lacks its own government, without a major castle, and is governed by the northern continent Aldea.


The current year is 2999. Time flows as it does on Earth. The Senshuu is coming 10 months from the start of the adventure, giving Ronou limited (but seemingly enough) time to achieve his objectives.


For the most part, everyone in Seldra speaks Selarden (their form of English). However, a few small tribes of races that are not Humans are known to speak to each other in dialects, animalian grunts, and other sounds. There is also an old language (sometimes called "The Old Language" but known as Cakaran) that mostly the beast races use, which also has many dialects. Many things in present time have names derived from those old words.


Everyone in Seldra pays in small chips of emerald, sapphire, or ruby. These gems are harvested and cut into usable money. Emeralds are worth 1, sapphires 5, and rubies 10. There are variations of these gems (such as pink, violet, black, or clear) that are rarer and thus worth a signifigant amount more.


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