Still Alive

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Been a while since my last post, huh? One could say I’ve been doing too many things!

See, some things have been going on, and life’s not exactly going as planned. The last few years I’ve battled general fatigue, bad hardware, and a lack of discipline with regards to working from home, but right now I’m countering things that are mostly out of my control. Wish me luck, and I’ll continue to do my best!

The tides keep turning. Up until recently, I was drawing for Mysteries of the Arcana. As of yet some of my pages there are still incomplete (without shading), but I am finishing them and a few other projects (freelance and otherwise) alongside working on my comics. Meanwhile, I learned some things about my capacity for drawing comics and got a much better drawing tablet to make the whole drawing experience less painful. Yay!

Right now I have big priorities, which is why some of my plans for comics haven’t moved forward as quickly as I’d hoped. But my vision is clearing, so I think things should come together in the next couple of months.

Meanwhile, take a look. The next page, 00-18, is actually about 70% done, but there’s one panel I’ve been doting on and trying to redraw to make sure it conveys a strong spot in the page, and at the beginning of the story. Here are some rough peeks:

Panel Panel Panel

It’s just something I’d like to get right! I believe in this panel! If only I could beam my brain images into the computer!

By the way, there are some interesting things here I think, and also I changed the poll!