Special Pages

A page of special/omake comics and such things!

1. Original Version Comic Page "Bonuses"

Every once in a while, I'd sketch a quick "extra" part to a page that I couldn't include in the main page.

Old Page 0005 Bonus: Self explanitory in relation to the original page 5.
Old Page 0012 Bonus #1: In a slightly late attempt to explain the events that took place between pages 0010 and 0011, I sketched this up...only to lead to more confusion.
Old Page 0012 Bonus #2: Ronou lost his left shoe in page 11. He has to get it back somehow!
Old Page 0025 "Bonus?": One of the Boomen in panel 2 thinks WL is a giant squirrel and...yeah.
Page 0029 Bonus: Boomen don't wear much clothing, as you might have noticed.

2. Filler Comics

About Ronou's historical circumcision. I-I mean, his hair. Letting you know that White Lightning (now Bright Lightning) is the actual main character - as if you didn't know already. I was very bored when I drew this vague blab on Sabér.

3. Silly One-Page Comics

4koma: Mune's Food

4. "Ronou Gets His Hair Cut" Mini-Comic

This was an early class project done between me and Brittney Askew, a classmate of mine. We figured it'd be easiest to pull characters from my comic and put them in some situation, and I had this future-idea floating around in my head. I did most of the drawing, and she did the lettering and layout. The criteria of the project was a four-page comic in standard comic format with no fewer than 3 panels on a page. And of course, it had to depict the passage of time.

Front Cover Page 1, oh the drama Page 2, oh the suspense Page 3, my personal favorite Page 4, the culmination of it all Back Cover, which is pretty plain.

Some pages are poorly scanned - book spine issues.

5. "Teh Fight Omake"

This was originally between Lady Yates of Earthsong and Blix of ASPS. And, well, it somehow spread, next to Negshin of Redemption, then me, and eventually Melii of No Crap! So, this really random fight thing went on among us. Go inside-jokes!

01, by Lady Yates 02, by Blix 03, by Lady Yates 04, by Negshin 05, by Blix 06, by Senshuu 07, by Lady Yates 08, by Negshin 09, by Blix 10, by Senshuu 11, by Lady Yates 12, by Negshin 13, by Melii

And then everyone died. Metiphorically.