New Year, New Plans

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Holidays 2011 ~ Chains and Ronou

…and happy new year, all! Another year’s passed! In no time, Millennium will be almost a decade old!

It’s been awfully quiet here these last couple of years. Not without reason, especially this year. I actually had to get through quite a bit of crud! Lots and lots of unstable ground, cropping up right after I’ve dealt with past difficulties! But I honestly do believe I’m better for it now.

I’ve got some more things to take care of (priorities have become pressingly more important since a few months ago). After that, updates! And a format change! The format change is what I’m really excited about; it’s new ground. I boxed myself in with the way I do comics. It’s actually kind of stubborn as well as unnecessary. I want to have fun again!

Speaking of that, I actually made many more changes to the upcoming parts — things that make way more sense than some of the stuff I stuck to for so long. I thought about it for most of this year. I don’t want to write things out of some feeling of obligation (well, I have to write THIS so they know THIS and THAT), because none of us will enjoy it. It just has to flow! Trying new things started this chain reaction of other-thinking. Lucky for us!

It was hard working on the next scene because I didn’t want to. It was same for the prologue of my other comic. Why do I keep doing that? No idea! But that problem should be pretty much done with. :D

Page 18 original Page 19 sketch Page 20 sketch Page 21 thumbnail Page 22 thumbnail Page 23 thumbnail
These WERE the upcoming pages. Why was the next scene hard to work on? Because it was almost completely unnecessary. Millennium’s a bulky story, but at least the “extra” scenes in later parts are things I’m actually looking forward to drawing. Getting to the point is imperative right now.

Anyway, I feel safe in saying you’ve got a good deal to look forward to because I’ve already begun working on stuff. So hang with me, and thanks for sticking with!

2012 will be a year of reconnecting with comics. I love comics these days. They excite me. I submitted to Aftershock earlier this year, which is a beautiful book with impact. I’ve still got to wrap up a short story I did originally for an anthology, as well as guest pages for Union of Heroes. I’ve gotta do what’s priority, as always — job-hunting in the quiet times was keeping me as busy as if I had a job, and portfolio’s pretty important — but I’m going back to the time where my comics were retreats and pleasures. And it’s reason to be excited.

Much love to you this coming year!