Mini-Notice: Changes to the Site!

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Hello, everybody! I’m back from the dead to bring you a little bit of news! I assure you that I’ve been working on the comic this past year, and it’s honestly going pretty well! Although it hasn’t been very good that I’ve not been posting, I’m glad it’s taken me this long — because a lot of good ideas for the comic have come to me recently, and it’s really coming back together now!

Photobucket I’m making this small news post to mention something small yet notable. I’d like you to know that all addresses are now defunct! I never really posted about it here, but I ditched my old web name in favor of “Miluette” last July or so. Millennium’s main site used to be located at a long time ago, and for a while some of my web projects were subdomains of it (Webcomics Tarot, Millennium, Lovefeast, etc.). But, Millennium hasn’t been located at a subdomain for a long time, though there have been few updates since then. If you link to Millennium or have it bookmarked, please make sure you’re using! I appreciate it greatly!

Along with that, the website should be undergoing a radical makeover sometime soon — I hope during November! Things may temporarily break during the process, but it won’t mean that the comic’s dying. Ultimately the structure of the site will change, and it will be better for all of us — easier to navigate for you, and easier to manage for me!

Thank you for sticking around! Keep an eye out for a big news update and some more informative posts starting in November! (Previews and postings on Millennium’s Twitter and Facebook feeds!)