Millennium’s Eighth Birthday

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…Was yesterday, the 3rd!


I had been meaning to update news here for the longest time. Things have been difficult around here; over a slow process, I’ve overcome a lot of roadblocks impeding productivity and growth (I really had to acknowledge them), and just as soon, they were replaced by other, much bigger roadblocks of a different nature. Had to make some tough decisions; still making some. A lot have to do with work (or lack of) and my priorities as far as life is concerned. Managing time like this is difficult, to say the least, but it’s tempering me for the future, as I see it.

This is starting to sound like a “hiatus” announcement. Well, it’s not! Online since 2003, can’t stop now! Though, until further notice, you can consider Millennium in Development Mode. Among the things I’ve acknowledged is my general will against doing art, despite my desire to. That makes it hard to make new pages of either of my comics right now. But in the last couple months, I’ve discovered ways of actually structuring and motivating myself in spite of external factors. Though the external factors are important, too. (And apparently once you turn 25, your body goes to poo!)

Millennium’s more than script and page. There’s a lot more in-between, I’m realizing. The next step’s finally come, and I’m glad you’re here reading this. You’re probably ready to see things; ‘specially those of you who voted “2004” in the current poll. :D I’ll make a habit of posting concept art here more regularly to get you revved up and keep this space occupied.

I’m really going to be working on making my comics the things I want to make. Not those extra things that’re taking up so much time, but those things I love doing in the midst of everything else. I’m getting the juices flowing again; I’m feeling them. It’s good, it’s nice!


Which brings me to this: redesigns. Ronou’s taken one more redesign that will see its way into the comic as soon as I have time to edit the current pages. This is the last time I’ll majorly redesign her. Probably.

What’s funny to me about Ronou is that, when I think about how “he” was before, Ronou was really an ambiguous kind of character (with a name that, in this world, is unisex). I love Ronou to death, and “his” personality remains — because with this redesign I literally changed but 1% of the script. This new incarnation of her makes the comic a lot more interesting for me, and even makes a few things make more sense, which is good. The characters were boring at the start, either purposefully or because of my very limited skill back in the day. They’re finding themselves by now.


And I’m glad.