Millennium Character Quiz @ Rum and Monkey!

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Hey guys! Still working on college! In the meantime (consequently not enough time to work on comics x_X) I’ve been rereading comics and playing Super Mario Galaxy. AMAZING game. Brilliant. I’ve also just picked up God Hand, which is brilliantly amazing for completely different reasons.

But that’s not why I’m posting today! Today I post because I created a new Millennium Character Quiz! Find out which Millennium character you’re most like!

I wanted to generate my own code for this, but I couldn’t find any site that helped me with just what I wanted. Rum and Monkey to the rescue! Take the quiz and feel free to tell me your results in the tagboard, and to post your results somewhere!

See the previous newspost to read a short blab about Millennium’s 4-year run!
Millennium's 4th Year!