Frequently Asked Questions

Because everyone has them!
Be sure you go through the About, World, and Character sections to see if anything there can answer your questions first!

Q_ What do you use to make your pages?
A_ I use almost exclusively Photoshop and PaintTool Sai. My tablet is a Wacom Graphire4. It's a totally digital process.

Q_ Whaddabout all those fancy textures?
A_ Many are my own; I often tote around my camera to capture them. Others are from places like Mayang, CG Textures, deviantArt, or Stock.xchng. I've linked to a few of my online resources on the Links page, but there are many more in my bookmarks!

Q_ What's the predicted running length of Millennium?
A_ A very long time. (Assuming each Arc has at least 100 pages, it'd be over 1300. It'll likely be more, around 1500 perhaps.)

Q_ Would you ever consider publishing Millennium?
A_ Maybe! It's made with quality in mind. If it were offered to me, I definitely would. In all likelihood, however, it would be self-published. I am a bookophile, so I would like doing this.

Q_ How'd you come up with Millennium?
A_ I'm really not sure anymore; in short, a much less focused comic idea turned into some kind of fantasy story based on an actual meaning of my online name (which had previously just been a made-up word). How all the little aspects that make up the comic came together was not an organized process at all.

Q_ How can I easily keep track of Millennium's updates?
A_ RSS helps. RSS, or "Really Simple Syndication", is used by many sites now, feeding updated content to viewers through feed readers. I have links to my pages feed wherever you see this icon. Add to any RSS reader! Alternatively, you could follow updates at Livejournal, Twitter, Tumblr or a myriad of other webcomic tracking options listed on the Support page.

Q_ Why did Millennium restart?
A_ Because as it was I couldn't continue it and make a good story out of it. It had become like an upside-down tower as it grew - started out small and grew into something different (in my planning). It needed new focus, a better direction, and much-improved artwork. This time around, I'll love it even more, and as a result, so will others. The Millennium world is real. <3

Q_ What are your policies regaring usage of your artwork?
A_ Check this page -- that should help clarify my policies.

Q_ The top navigation in the archives disappeared! Why?!
A_ The top navigation purposely doesn't display while you're reading the comic. If you need it while reading, however, a quick visit to the Archives page brings it back. The top navigation will always display on the Archives "recent" page, Archive pages listing, and Thumbnail pages listing.