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Ronou Mune

Ronou Yuland   Mune Kitian

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Minor Characters

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Friends & Villagers

Ensen Eirga Ensen Eirga
"Don't give advice you can't take!"
The foremost one of Ronou and Mune's circle, Ensen (17) once trained to be a Fire Mage early on but gave up on it. As children, he and Ronou schemed a lot, with Ronou coming up with the more ridiculous parts of their schemes. He has a strange relationship with Hale that he likes to deny half of the time. He is a gardening apprentice to his mother. Fun fact: he was probably dropped as a child.
Appearances: ♦ ♦ ♦

Hale VengeHale Venge
"It's good to know more than how to sew. Sewing's pointless without a bit of creativity."
Hale (17), in Ronou and Mune's circle of friends, has a strange on-and-off relationship with Ensen. She handles a lot of Ronou's and Mune's "girl things" chores so Mune can focus on her practice. Doesn't mean she won't complain from time to time. Fun fact: Ensen once cut off her pigtail in her sleep.
Appearances: ♦ ♦ ♦

Nadime Unengala Nadime Unengala
Arisa's younger brother, formerly an introverted and despirited young lad who had grown to be more energetic thanks to Ronou. He disappeared with Arisa four years ago.

Arisa Unengala Arisa Unengala
"I have a bad feeling."
Nadime's older sister, a strong girl originally desiring to be a fighter but denied the chance by her parents. She disappeared with Nadime four years ago.

Yeglo Tremi Yeglo Tremi
"I have friends in high places."
A young Breman man who likes to throw his weight around. Much older than his peers, he still gets along with them. His mother, Olive the master weaver, severed ties with the Bremen tribe a long time ago, and he followed her to Clayden. He resembles an oversized Military Macaw. Fun fact: he claims to have a "special" mirror, but he never shows it to anybody.
Appearances: ♦ ♦ ♦

Olive Tremi Olive Tremi
"Skill in anything is a virtue."
A skilled weaver and Yeglo's mother, she left the Neski Bremen tribe when he was still an egg to live a simpler village life and is Clayden's newest addition. She is hearty and much enjoys the company of others. She has a strength inside that belies her squishy appearance. She looks similar to a Galah. Fun fact: she can sing, but strangely hides this fact.
Appearances: ♦ ♦ ♦

Sougi Enkaa Sougi Enkaa
"Hobbies are like condensed happiness!"
Son of Sunki and part of Ronou and Mune's circle, he's always energetic and somewhat shrewd. He aspires to continue his father's work of crafts and weaponmaking. He and his father look like calicos - his father more so. Fun fact: he's remarkably good with money.
Appearances: ♦ ♦ ♦

Sunki Enkaa Sunki Enkaa
"You won't believe what this sword can do..."
Sougi's father and an adept weaponmaker. He has a mellow air about him. He's not very good at fighting, but he still won't hesitate to rise to a challenge. He was the first ever non-Human to come and reside within Clayden. Fun fact: he has poorer eyesight than he realizes.
Appearances: ♦ ♦ ♦

Runa "Rune" Kitian Runa "Rune" Kitian
"Laugh! It'll add years to your life."
Mune's brother, older by one year. Very good-humored and supportive of his little sister. He gave Ronou a hard time in the past and acts as a whip at her heels -- as a sort of rival. He's also a skilled cloth-weaver and made Ronou and Mune's specialty clothing. He was born under the Waning Gibbous moon and broke Kitian tradition by becoming an Earth Mage. However, Ronou beat him out in the running to be the one to consult the Senshuu. Fun fact: he raised a dark wild Eqon named Silent Thunder.
Appearances: ♦ ♦ ♦

Marylin Kitian Marylin Kitian
"Water is quiet, as the soul should be."
Mune and Runa's mother. She was once the most powerful Water Mage in all the village, but she figures Mune will overtake that title before year's end. She's not as hard on Mune as her father is and has a hidden, catlike mischevious side. She helped raise Ronou after the death of her monther and disappearance of her father, but she never seemed to ever understand the girl very well. Born under the Waxing Half-Moon (First Quarter), her abilities have actually waned over time and were never as powerful as she once boasted. She sees to it that the Kitian family's tradition of Water Magery continues through Mune. She also instilled the art of sewing in Runa. Fun fact: she really likes cats.
Appearances: ♦ ♦ ♦

Saka Kitian Saka Kitian
"Okay, what have you broken?"
Mune and Runa's father and sharp-sighted archer. He taught Ronou how to arch early on. He understands Ronou more than anyone else seems to (besides Mune), but he and Ronou still keep more distance than Ronou and her mentor. He sees to it that the Kitian family's long history of protecting the village stands and has a keen eye for what's going on. Fun fact: he's very easily amused by fart jokes.
Appearances: ♦ ♦ ♦

"Saihu" "Saihu"
"Watch and wait, and it will come to you. That is the Wind Mage's way."
Referred to as "Saihu" ("Teacher") by everyone in Clayden (his real name is Isuno Tomten), he has sharpened young minds and bodies throughout his life. He along with Mune's parents helped raise Ronou and served as a mentor, teaching her everything that he could along the way. He taught Ronou how to fight with rods and knives, ride horses, fish, and manipulate Wind, and while Ronou did not quite master these things, Saihu set the foundation for further learning Ronou would assume on her travels. He and Ronou have a very close bond of trust.
Short, balding, and clever, not much is known about this man's heritage or his life before he came to the village long ago. He may have been a hermit who decided to out of hermitage, but that is mere speculation. He's always been very quick on his wits and had a mysterious knowledge behind him. Fun fact: he once aspired to be a full Magus, but only mastered two Elements.
Appearances: (new) ♦ ♦ (old)

Bright Lightning Bright Lightning
("There's a little more to life than your reputation.")
A steed given to Ronou on his 14th birthday, he was named by Ronou once she mastered riding him. Many did not think Ronou was worthy of owning the him or capable of maintaining him, for he was the "fastest steed", but Ronou proved them wrong. Ronou's actions often worry BL (who has a tad more common sense than Ronou). He can be insightful and sharp-witted, though his inability to speak often inhibits this from showing. Fun fact: he has interest in philosophy, yet he can't read.
Appearances: (new) ♦ ♦ (old)

Encounters & More

Sekkin Sekkin
The leader of the tribe of Boomen in Fukai Forest. Bitter and resentful, the years have worn on him, and he has become an insufferable leader, though most of the Booman people still stand by him. He rules more harshly than any of his predecessors (his family line runs as leaders, and notably he does not have a family or a son of his own) and, due to an event in his adolescent years, hates Humans with an irrational and real passion. He also hates Sabér for similar reasons... Fun fact: he used to be quite the looker.
Appearances: (new) ♦ ♦ (old)

Seiyun Sakeou Seiyun
"Seiyun loves big brother."
Sabér's brother, 7 years his junior. Before an incident involving his brother and Humans long ago, he was Sabér's sole supporter in the entire tribe of Boomen. He has, in a way, been adopted by Sekkin. Fun fact: he loves butterflies.
Appearances: (new) ♦ ♦ (old)

Riko Riko
"Strength and pride are above everything."
Sekkin's left-hand man. He is three years older than Sabér. He and Sabér have an issue that goes back to their younger days. He's very cut-and-dry and not very sociable but supports Sekkin with all his might. Fun fact: he's blind in his right eye. That also relates to Sabér.
Appearances: (new) ♦ ♦ (old)

Mido Mido
"You have to know who friends are..."
Sekkin's right-hand man. He's older than Sabér despite his babyfaced looks. He and Sabér were friends when they were small, but they grew apart, as Mido was more accepted into the community. Fun fact: he's somewhat absent-minded, attention-craving, and actually incredibly sensitive.
Appearances: (new) ♦ ♦ (old)

Esmerelda Esmerelda
"Who are you? One of my toys?"
The leader of the DragonFly Syndicate. Not much is known about her, even by her cohorts - they know only that she is strict, fickle, and can apparently own them. The slightest gesture brings death, so her subalterns walk straight in her presence. Fun fact: she enjoys port a bit much.
Appearances: (new) ♦ ♦ (old)

Nack Nack K. Wensel
"If you have power, you have everything."
One of the Syndicate's top members - #2 in rank (not counting Esmerelda). He is a fan of katars but not dinosaurs. With an extremely volatile temper, he tries to keep his anger in check but is often never at peace. He has his own personal reservations about Sarn and Esmerelda's favor of him. Fun fact: he has a "berserker" mode which doesn't last long.
Appearances: (new) ♦ ♦ (old)

Oien Manaba Oien Manaba
"Nothing in life ever comes to you. If you want it, you have to take it."
A girl traveling for fun. She has an I-can-do-anything air about her which makes her seem limitless as a bird but at the same time incredibly obnoxious. Fun fact: money is no object for her.
Appearances: (new) ♦ ♦ (old)

Kannade Kannade
Oien's travel companion/babysitter, a Kanryan Fenin who is apparently mute. He has his hands filled with her and takes issue with her own pet hawk disappearing (read: running away) from her all the time. Fun fact: he might not be physically mute. There's no way of knowing, however.
Appearances: (new) ♦ ♦ (old)

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