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The Future of the Comic!

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Hello, all! I have recently come to some important decisions regarding my comics.

I’m shelving Millennium, the comic.

I’ll still be actively working on concept artwork – characters, places, and scenarios – without all the mental exhaustion of having to worry about actually making a comic. This is not the end of Millennium. The archives since 2003 remain online.

I’ll continue actively working on Lovefeast, the comic.

A stylistically simpler and much shorter comic that’s at least partially grounded in “reality”, Lovefeast is both easier to develop and to produce.

Why shelf Millennium?

There’s definitely more than one reason, and all of them pretty good ones. Read more about it on my personal Tumblr blog.

You’ll continue to see updates here every once in a while, but you should definitely follow the Millennium Tumblr for future development posts and announcements as well!

I’ll be around, and the site will as well. Feel free to contact me anytime!

Sitewatch 2013!

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2 of Cups

Hello, all! I know I said I’d keep you updated about things after some backend site maintenance, and I sort of fell out of these regular updates for a while. Sorry about that! I’m totally still around, though! Things are going more slowly than anticipated on the comics-front, but I also didn’t expect March-April to be so busy. I’m not a person used to juggling many things, try as I may. It’s a learning process!

The good news is, and this is apparent if you visited at all since my last message, but the website is fine! I made some updates to WordPress and Webcomic that were a long time in coming and the basis for some big future updates that will roll out when the comic starts up again! I’m personally very excited, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.

The other good news is that I definitely want to get this thing updating again before the year ends. I know that sounds like a long time after an already-long process of restarting, but it’s already May! We have a long path ahead of us all, but I’ve never been more excited to take it!

To start (over), however…the new and exact starting point of the story has been a point of internal contention for me, even since I restarted Millennium in 2008. Maybe I’ll make that part of one of my upcoming posts! (Without spoilers, of course!)

Oh, by the way! Today I posted this image, the official last card of the Webcomics Tarot to be completed! That site still has some more updates coming to it, so it’s not “over” yet. I’m glad I started it — webcomic people are awesome!

See you again soon!

Up Next:

  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Signs of Civilization
  • The Quiet Hometown
  • Nice Getup, Pal!
  • Areas to Explore
  • Ronou’s Hometown, Clayden
  • Dark Hybrids and the Ones Who Control Them
  • And more!

Site Update Incoming

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Hey, everyone! I just wanted to let you know that this weekend, the site will be upgraded — or specifically the WordPress part of the site, the page archives. During this update, things might break momentarily, but that shouldn’t last long — so don’t think I’ve disappeared if you just happen to see the site acting funny! It’s just updates! We’re still around!
One thing I’ve always made sure to do is maintain the integrity of the site even while it wasn’t actively being updated, so don’t worry if you see something out-of-sorts for a short bit!

Sunday evening EDIT: This has been put off ’til sometime during the week! I’ll give the all-clear when the upgrade’s finally complete!

Stepping Stones

This upgrade is goes along with something I’ve been wanting to do for the better part of a year…besides getting this story going, of course! No one wants to deal with sub-par distribution when it comes to what they’re creating (or at least I don’t), so the time calls for upgrading — and that goes right with all the other behind-the-scenes stuff that’s been going on with the comic lately. It’ll be nice! Ever closer to a proper comic in the proper light!

Quick Updates

I’m still working on the next developmental updates, and the new pages! Yet sometimes I have less substantial news. You can see me give out quick blurbs of updates or bonus drawings/doodles at various websites, especially Twitter and Tumblr, which is why I’m linking them in this post! Go there if you like keeping up with comics via social media!
(Side note: they’re not even a fraction as frequently updated as, say, my main Twitter…if you happen to be familiar with it! But they do post whenever there’s something to be posted about!)