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Jessica is a huge geek about the things she loves: art, mythology, culture, gaming, design, and music. She is self-motivated - thus, this comic! She won a couple awards after graduating college with honors. That's pretty neat! She has a few completed novels lying around waiting to be edited, as well as another webcomic of a different (and more mature) nature. She also works as a web developer, entertaining the code side of her brain. ♥
Life is art, art is life, and life is long.

Statistics : F : 5'3.5" : Possibly Human
Likes dragons, video games (RPG, action, platform, adventure), mythology, music (j-rock, alt. rock, video game, chiptune, instrumental), reading (fantasy novels), writing, culture, fruit (apples, strawberries, watermelon), people who spell 'millennium' correctly
Dislikes deliberately annoying people, stupid/petty arguments, art theft, lima beans
Cartoon (Avatar, the Last Airbender) : Food (pizza) : Cartoon character (Kamina, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann) : Musicians (Quaff, The Protomen, Björk, Ulfuls, Buck-Tick, The Pillows, Kaizers Orchestra)

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