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Wake the spirits; save the World!

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In this age of a confused young world, the sages have felt the spirit-plane stirring, tempesting as it had not for centuries. The Senshuu, the embodiment of the dissension that comes every thousand years, is on the wake!

Having known and anticipated this since her youngest years, a girl prepares to set out to meet with this Senshuu and set right what may go wrong...

A long-form story-based graphic novel, rated PG. An original adventure fantasy and cartoony in nature, it chronicles the adventures of two young Magi who head out into the world to seek out the Senshuu, a natural phenomenon that has occurred once every thousand years. To do so, they must wake the four Spirits that reside in their land to ask them for help. And they have to do it soon: the dawn of year 3000 approaches. Will the Spirits know what's been going on? And who are the people who're already in the know?


As mentioned above, I have no idea what inspired me to make Millennium, apart from a few words and the sudden vehement desire to create a webcomic. There's nothing that directly inspired me to make the comic or influenced my style - maybe the Pokémon games, if you count a few animal characters I made back in the day. However, during Millennium's downtime (2007 and 2008, not-so-great years for updating), I watched a show that challenged me and the directions I wanted to take the story.

Avatar: the Last Airbender Avatar: the Last Airbender

Probably one of my all-time favorite animated series and one of the best out there, it is a thoughtful, well-written, well-designed, well-animated three-season adventure covering the quest of the last Airbender, Aang, to reunite the world. There are four nations centered around the classical four elements, and tension among them since the Avatar's disappearance a century prior; there are also plenty of amusing hybrid creatures and Eastern-inspired locales. It's sharp, it's clever, it's ingenious, even - and it's also a lot of the things I had sort of wanted to do with this comic "first". But I can still distinguish between them; the comic I'm making is still the comic I want to make, a new comic that I want to see and read. This show, which I wholly respect, caused me to reevaluate my ideas and goals with Millennium and pulled me into focus. Thank you, Avatar Team.

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Gankutsuou Gankutsuou

Also, a stylistic influence. I'd like to be able to do what it did with flat foreground color and texture - perhaps not as extreme but still full of impact. A very dramatic story full of intrigue and revenge, it's based on The Count of Monte Cristo, and while I've never read the book or the manga version of this, I enjoyed this very strange anime interpretation of a classic story.

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Disney's Hercules Disney's Hercules

I love this movie. Why? Not only is it colorful and stylish: it's FUN. You even like the side characters and the environments...and the songs are infectiously catchy. If Millennium were an animation, I'd want it to be infused with this sense of fun, even when facing subjects as dark as classical Greek mythology usually did.

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