A Retelling in Motion!

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Seven of Wands - Ronou

Hello, everybody! I’m here to finally bring you developmental updates! You few who have stuck around to read and watch with such patience, I thank you! I had intended to be doing this more consistently throughout the year — and now I come to you with arms full! It all begins here!

Rethinking the Beginning

Prologue pages 4 and 5 thumbnail

I’ve reapproached the prologue to this story more times than anything else (except perhaps Arcs 4-6; they’re very detailed arcs). Frankly, what you see now is irrelevant — I’m not sure what I was thinking when I did these first 15 pages. It’d work in an animation where it’s not longer than 3 minutes, maybe, but not so much here. And I shouldn’t waste anyone’s time, especially my own!

As I’ve said before, I restarted Millennium because I couldn’t expand its world or anything without first rebuilding the basics. The start of the story is very important. Reconstructing the basis of this tale took longer than I thought it would, but all for the better — a firm vision is now in place!

When updates start again, we’ll start from the scene that was set to come after this, and these pages will go away. The next scene is a prelude to things to come — involving memories, emotions, and a starry sky.

Frist Page Color Test

A Loose Timeline

Mune and Runa

I’ve begun planning out the designs and page thumbnails for the prologue’s pages and story. Late winter/early spring is when I hope to start updating again! I’ll be posting development updates regularly until then, at least once a week (and even after — after all, there’s a lot to develop!). Please keep checking back! There’s a lot to cover!

Life’s a Sand Witch

Sand Witch of Desperta Desert

Life-wise, a lot of things have happened to me these past couple of years!

  • Acquiring a Big Girl job, only for the business to tank a few months later!
  • Adjusting to new life circumstances!
  • Relearning how to learn!
  • Major life changes! New ways of living! Not always in a good way! It’s disjointed and odd a lot of times.

Scrambling for any semblance of work, drowning bad feelings in copious amounts of Team Fortress 2 — I was happy, I was sad, I was fighting a near-constant fatigue, reticence and faltering work ethic — I wasn’t sure what would happen to me or what I could do!

All the while, I judged and juggled whether or not I could invest in all the things I wanted to do — especially my webcomic projects. For a short while, in spite of all the inspiration, the ideas, the love of the stories, I considered dropping one or both of them. I upgraded my equipment to be able to work on anything without hassle — and some of those upgrades proved to be…distracting, rather than practical!

But this past year, my 26th year on earth, it came to me. A lot of things started clicking together in my mind! I started noticing what I had to change to get closer to what I wanted to be. I started seeing things in other people that I wanted to see in myself. And I knew that I could do what I desired — which was to invest more in my personal projects and make them 100% worth my time, and others’ time as well! If I did that, I could make them successful, without a doubt!
My life has always been slow-going, but I like that story about the tortoise! That’s how it is now!

Ronou's Hair

So, that’s where I am! And I can say for the first time in a long while that I am excited to be bringing you Millennium!

Please keep your eyes peeled!

Coming Next:

  • Ronou’s Redesign
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Signs of Civilization
  • Areas to Explore
  • Ronou’s Hometown, Clayden
  • And more!