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The Future of the Comic!

Hello, all! I have recently come to some important decisions regarding my comics.

I’m shelving Millennium, the comic.

I’ll still be actively working on concept artwork – characters, places, and scenarios – without all the mental exhaustion of having to worry about actually making a comic. This is not the end of Millennium. The archives since 2003 remain online.

I’ll continue actively working on Lovefeast, the comic.

A stylistically simpler and much shorter comic that’s at least partially grounded in “reality”, Lovefeast is both easier to develop and to produce.

Why shelf Millennium?

There’s definitely more than one reason, and all of them pretty good ones. Read more about it on my personal Tumblr blog.

You’ll continue to see updates here every once in a while, but you should definitely follow the Millennium Tumblr for future development posts and announcements as well!

I’ll be around, and the site will as well. Feel free to contact me anytime!

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